Poetry Workshops

Literature as Bibliotherapy

Can literature save you? People who practise bibliotherapy – reading for well-being – believe that attentive immersion in great literature, especially poetry, can relieve, restore and reinvigorate the human mind. As International Ambassador for the ReLit Bibliotherapy Foundation, I have had ample opportunity to work with groups and individuals who seek solace in reading and writing. I am an award-winning lecturer and a published writer with a Ph.D. in English. 

I have over 15 years’ experience teaching literature and a successful portfolio of bibliotherapy workshops. 

I offer workshops (30 minutes to 2 hours) on a variety of themes to a wide range of audiences – from students, to yoga practitioners, to professional writers, to retirees. 

I can custom-make a workshop for your group, or I can offer workshops on themes including:

  • Resilience
  • Life after loss
  • Poetic mindfulness: This workshop blends a meditative reading of poetry with the writing of a few lines ourselves. Working predominantly with the brief poetic form of haiku, participants will absorb themselves in meditative listening and choral reading, emptying their minds of everything except the words they are hearing the images they conjure. The workshop closes with a contemplative piece on the power of silence that will ready us for the chaos of the everyday world.
  • Poetry of the senses: How can we engage with our senses to treat stress and anxiety? In this workshop, participants will slowly read and meditate on 5 Japanese haiku (translated into English) that explore sensory encounters with nature. Participants will be guided in the choral reading and discussion of two other poetic forms. There will also be an opportunity for participants to write their own haiku.
  • Awareness, Movement and Surrender (especially designed to complement yoga classes)
Please contact me to discuss hosting a workshop for your staff, classroom or group. Rates (from as low as $75) vary, depending on the group’s needs.


"Setting up a workshop of this nature was new to me, as I was unaware of ReLit, or bibliotherapy for that matter. I had no idea about the possibilities this type of mental health therapy could have on a population. Considering our community is dealing with insurmountable poverty, I feel this workshop could reach a large number of people at relatively no cost (paper and pens do not cost very much). Besides the low cost, I was completely enthralled with the experience. I am not a writer, but this workshop had me believing in the power of the written word!" - Sheryl Fogarty

"After participating in my first bibliotherapy workshop, I realized that not only can I write poetry, but it also has a soothing effect on my mental and emotional state." ~Rozenn Beyer