Tutoring and Language Coaching

As a tutor, my major area of focus is Shakespeare. However, I have twelve years' professional experience helping students (elementary, middle, high school, adult education) in a variety of areas of English language literature.

Who Am I?

My name is Dr. Julie Sutherland, and I specialize in English Renaissance Drama. I have published on several Jacobean plays, as well as contributed in the area of the Renaissance to a number of reference books and encyclopedias. I have also worked in theatre production and administration both professionally and in community drama. My theatre affiliations include Thynke Byggly Productions (Oxford, UK), Festival by the Marsh (New Brunswick), and Pacific Theatre (Vancouver). I am also founding producer of Doktor Luke Productions, which has mounted multiple cabarets and concerts as fundraising initiatives for a variety of arts communities.

With my professional training in acting and production and my PhD in English Renaissance Drama, I am uniquely positioned to assist both students and actors in understanding the marvellous and terrifying intricacies of Shakespearean English and social culture in Renaissance England.

I have been tutoring students for over a decade. For the past eight years, I have worked with actors (amateur, emerging, and well-seasoned) to help them better understand Shakespearean text. This includes helping actors to get ready for auditions and working with them as they prepare for production.

Note to actors: I'm neither a director nor a professional actor, so my goal is not to address your acting but is rather to help you understand how to speak Shakespearean text in a meaningful and natural manner.


For one-on-one tutoring and language coaching, I charge $45 / hour. The exception to this is for university students who wish to receive regular tutoring (weekly or biweekly / fortnightly) at which time my tutoring fee is $30 / hour.

Rates (from as low as $15) decrease as duration and number of participants increase. Details available upon request.


I meet with students individually or in small study groups (4-6 people). Together, we can review relevant topics for individual plays. For example, if your professor/teacher has been exploring the intersection of race and gender in Othello, and you have no idea what she is talking about, we can address the issue in a customized and accessible format.

We can also discuss specific assignments. This may involve chatting about what shape an upcoming assignment may take or reviewing work you have already done.

Elementary, Middle, & High School Students
I am happy to come to your home (provided it is in Sydney). It is my preference that a parent or another adult is in the home while I am with you. Details can of course be worked out with you and your parent / guardian.

University Students / Adult Learners
I usually arrange for students to meet me in my home office or at Doktor Luke's - a respectable coffee house.

Language Coaching

...For Actors and Aspiring Actors!

Because this is usually loud and obnoxiously fun, it's best to be in a private space (though on mild, non-rainy days, parks are always nice). After an initial meeting at Doktor Luke's - a respectable coffee house, I usually invite actors to meet me at my home.


Students / Tutees

"I was one of the students that raised my hand when Julie asked if anyone didn't like Shakespeare. This course, Julie specifically, changed my view on Shakespeare. I can now say that I like Shakespeare and will likely take another Shakespeare related class. Julie's enthusiasm and wit kept the class interesting ... She included video clips and music that was relevant and current which was greatly appreciated. I feel as though she is one of the few professors that truly loves what she teaches and it really rubs off. Thanks Julie!" -3rd year university student

"As a tutor, Julie has set me straight with helpful tips and constructive feedback, as well as provided me with valuable resources to continue improving on my own." -4th year university student


"I went to Julie for coaching before an important audition for Stratford. Her skill and knowledge of the text along with her exceptional ability to communicate academic understanding into practical advice for acting was crucial to preparing my Shakespeare monologue. I would highly recommend a session with her for any actor looking to deepen their understanding of the text." -Jackie Faulkner, professional actor