I bill using an hourly rate, but charge by the minute, so if your document only takes me 25 minutes to complete, you only pay for 25 minutes of work.

My quote for your project will depend on a few criteria, including:
  • Type of document (e.g. academic essay, book manuscript, policy document, novel) and the nature of what you would like me to do with it (basic proofreading or more substantive editing).
  • Length of assignment - the longer it is, the cheaper the hourly rate becomes.
  • Time in which you need the document back.
  • Nature of the client - students, for example, pay less than professionals; individuals pay less than organizations.

Please contact me for a quote. My basic rate is $50/hour ($37.50 for students). For lengthier projects (6,000+ words), a free post-edit consultation (to a maximum of one hour and if desired by the client) is included in your quote. Subsequent consultations are billed at the original hourly rate. Please ask for details.

There are no hidden fees and no taxes.

Notes: I accept payment via Interac e-transfer and PayPal (PayPal will incur a 3% surcharge). I'm sorry, but I do not accept personal cheques.